Our Wine List

A glimpse into the extensive range of luxury wines and champagne on offer at Taylors. Our superb selection is always being altered and added to - ensuring we have something for everyone!

Champagne & Sparkling

A selection of Champagne & Sparkling Wine from our extensive list of over 30* different wines, handpicked for you


Brut Rose, Alfred Gratien

Champagne, France | 12.5%

delicate, red berry, balanced 

This is a classic delicate, gourmet rosé champagne, but it has great structure and an attractive character.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Brut Classique, Alfred Gratien

Champagne, France | 12.5%

toast, brioche, lick of oak

High quality standards are maintained in the selection of grapes, traditional vinification and maturing in small 228 litre oak casks, with self-imposed limits on production levels. At Alfred Gratien, we have made a conscious decision not to use malolactic fermentation in the production of our champagne. This is to ensure that it maintains its original character. The aroma of the grapes and the land from which they came are thus preserved, and the wine retains its freshness, even as it ages.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Cava Cuvee Classic, Pere Ventura

Cava, Spain | 11.5%

citrus, peach, refreshing

An amazingly aromatic cava with extraordinary freshness, a paradigm of the harmony between delicacy and classic consistency. A cheerful, pleasant cava which, with its perfect blend of fruitiness, freshness and subtly complex aromas, suits any drinking occasion.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

White Wine

A selection of White Wine from our extensive list of over 30* different wines, handpicked for you


Viognier, Mandraossa

Sicily, Italy | 13.5%

apricot, nut, floral

Bright gold in colour with a deliciously succulent bouquet of fresh cut white flowers and papaya with hints of white spices. The palate is medium bodied with plenty of tropical fruit flavours, good balance and a crisp, clean finish.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Chablis, Domaine Bernard Defaix

Burgundy, France | 12.5%

steely, mineral, citrus

Vines on the appellation Chablis spread over 12 hectares, situated at the heart of the Chablisian vineyard. This wine is aged in stainless steel tanks so as to respect the typicity of the appellation. Our Chablis are characterised by their freshness, power and tenacity. The bouquet displays a dominance of mineral notes, which are often associated with delicate touches of citrus fruit (lemon and grapefruit). 

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Sancerre Reine, Domaine Jean Reverdy

Loire, France | 13%

cut grass, restrained, elegant

Clean, pure notes of white flowers, quince, melon, and white peach are all present in this surprisingly opulent, fleshy, rather exuberant and flamboyant style of Sancerre, which is quite dry but surprisingly plush.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Verdicchio Classico, Umani Ronchi

Marche, Italy | 12%

ripe peach, nut, rich

The bouquet is fine and intense, fruity and floral. The palate is pleasant and vibrant with fresh notes, followed by a typically almond finish.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Sauvignon Blanc, Yealands

Marlborough, New Zealand | 12.5%

lime, grassy, passionfruit

Yealands’ goal is to make excellent wines using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. This food-friendly Sauvignon shows typical flavours of citrus and passionfruit and a crisp, long finish.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Les Granges de Felines, Belle Mare

Felines, France | 12.5%


fresh, aromatic, quaffable

A Brilliant colour with a pale yellow tint and green hues; fresh nose of white flowers and fruits; freshness in the mouth.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Picpoul de Pinet, Beaugaran

Languedoc, France | 13.5%

delicate, mineral, salty

This wine is both gentle and refreshing with notes of Mediterranean white peach, apricot kernel and zesty lime peel culminating in a silky mouth feel and crisp, vibrant acidity.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Ciró Bianco Greco, Librandi

Calabria, Italy | 12.5%

luscious, peach, apricot

The beautiful aromas of peaches and honeysuckle hold much allure, and the crisp, dry, mineral character in the mouth brings the exciting stone fruit and floral flavours into bright focus. Modest alcohol level, too.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Red Wine

A selection of Red Wine from our extensive list of over 30* different wines, handpicked for you


Carmenere, Vinamar

Casablanca Valley, Chile | 13%

blackberry, ripe, fresh

Red-purple color, great balance of fresh and ripe fruit with intense aromas of blackberries. In mouth, shows balanced acidity and silky tannins.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Chateau La Croix Fourney, St Emilion

Bordeaux, France | 13.5%

structured, bold, good age

Deep ruby in colour with sweet aromas of mulberry, acacia and violet as well as vanilla and coffee characteristics. The aromas follow through to the palate with notes of mulberry, vanilla and violet. Round and full bodied with an elegant and refined character. 

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Estate Malbec, Hamberto Canale

Patagonia, Argentina | 13.5%

savoury, dark fruit, smooth

This wine has a very refined style, both on the nose and in the mouth. It is carefully aged in oak casks, giving it irresistible aromas and a long finish. Full bodied, with a complex structure and notes of red berries, spice and black pepper. After a year's bottle ageing, it becomes more unctuous, intense and concentrated.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass

Cabernet Sauvignon, Les Mougeottes

Languedoc, France | 13.5%

bold, dark fruit, herbal

Clean and precise bouquet with black cherries and raspberry aromas. The palate is medium-bodied with sappy red berry fruit and a silky long finish.

Available by bottle, carafe or glass


Artisan Coffee, Tea and Bottled Beer

Our attention to only finding the best doesn't stop with our wine, it also spreads to our passion for good tea, coffee and beer! 

Our tea and coffee is also available to takeaway in eco-friendly plastic free cups.